Airbus A320 simulator

Airbus A320 simulator

NOTE: this simulator must be booked by telephone (06-45202185) or mail: and is available only during evening or night slots. If you want to train in the Airbus A320 simulator, than you can do so by contacting us by phone or mail. This set-up is located in Delft on the premises of Prosim Aviation Research. It is a technically advanced setup for a very good price.

Training possibilities

  • Interception procedures and holding entries
  • QDM/QDR procedures
  • ILS and Visual Approaches
  • CRM procedures
  • Aborted take-offs en go-around
  • basic failure management (MCC)
  • Start-up (cold&dark), taxiprocedures
  • Briefings, drills
  • Engine fire drill
  • Night operations
  • Pressurization failures

Instructor station

Information about the Airbus A320 family Read this (Dutch Language) document about the functional specs of the A320 simulator: Document with complete discription of the A320 simulator.  


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