The future is here: Virtual Reality flightsimulation

With Virtual Reality, both eyes see a separate image, just like in real life. This creates depth perception and you experience the distance and size of objects. This gives you a realistic experience of height and speed, for example when landing. This is a completely new experience. As soon as you put on the glasses you step into a different world. It looks and feels like you are really on the plane of your choice.

Thanks to the experience of distance, height and speed, you can now really train your ‘stick and rudder skills’ in a flight simulator for the first time. You also practice and learn much better where to look while flying. You can practice your scan very well while steering, because you are not looking at a screen but around you as in real life.


The benefits for instruction are great. You are really on the plane, experiencing speed, height, angular movements. The instructor sees where you look and can therefore help better, more clearly and directly. Training and instruction may even be more efficient in some exercises than in the (much more expensive) practice of real flying. Mind you, the VR simulation is not yet a replacement for real flying. But it is already a very efficient and cost-effective addition!

Virtual reality flying is supervised by a simoperator who will help you to adjust the VR-glasses in the right way and make sure your VR-experience is going to be a good and pleasant one.


Come and discover this totally new way of 3 dimensional flying with VR-glasses! Come along and step into this wonderful world. For example if your flying lesson is canceled due to (too) bad weather. With us it is always good flying weather, exactly the kind of weather that you want for your training purposes!

Our virtual reality offer

  • Refinement of your (crosswind) landings

The experience of distance, height and speed makes landing in virtual reality just as fun / difficult / exciting as in real life. The dynamics of a (crosswind) landing appear very realistic. You will learn even better where to look and how to control and stabilize the attitude of the aircraft. And, we determine the weather conditions ourselves: the turbulence, wind direction and wind strength are adjusted to size, and if desired, always increased by a step. This allows you to work on your personal limits up to and including (and sometimes even beyond) the demonstrated crosswind component of your chosen aircraft.

Make no mistake, it is hard work…. and very rewarding! Recommended!

  • Emergency situations and unusual attitudes

In aviation you train regulary for situations that you will never experience in real life hopefully. Yet everyone sees the usefulness of that training. Should the unlikely happen, then you don’t panic, but your training takes over. And because you know the limits and know what to expect, you gain self-confidence. With virtual reality you can simulate emergency situations in a completely safe way. You can also simulate and practice unusual attitudes. And that is possible without the physical sensations that can occur with real flying. As a pilot it is of course best to practice these exercises. Some flight schools now offer this option. As an entry option and preparation, virtual reality is an absolute must!

  • Aerobatics

S2b in flight

In aerobatics (also called aerobatics) it is very important to learn the correct scans. You are constantly aware of what you want to see, where and when. It is then about which position of the plane you want to reach, and how you can see that position. As your experience increases and the figures become more complex, you will gradually look at them in a different way. That is a learning process and it takes time. In practice, this learning process is often influenced by external factors such as clouds, visibility conditions and fatigue. With VR you can practice this very well, with the bonus that the instructor can see exactly where you are looking. It is also very easy to rehearse a sequence with VR!

  • Flying taildraggers

Flying a tailwheel is no different from flying a nosewheel airplane. But starting, taxiing and landing do require a refinement of the ‘stick and rudder skills’. Virtual reality is an excellent tool for this! Even if you already fly a tail wheel, it is very useful (and fun) to hone your skills. Recommended!

  • Helicopter flying

Especially when flying a helicopter, excellent eye / hand / foot coordination is required. Virtual reality is ideally suited for this. Thanks to the lifelike and high-precision controls of our simulator, it is now possible to master the difficult hovering. Yes it is difficult and yes it is fun! Even if you do not have the ambition to really fly a helicopter, an introduction to this special branch of aviation is definitely worth it! At a fraction of the cost, with the bonus that you can and may try much more than can be allowed in a real helicopter. And of course it doesn’t stop there …

  • Special airplanes

Have you always wanted to fly a Spitfire or Mustang? Or do you want to experience what it’s like to fly in a Red Bull air racer? That can be approached very nicely in a safe and affordable way with virtual reality! Don’t underestimate it, it really comes very close to the ‘real’ experience. You will have to suppress the urge to tell others that you have flown a Mustang … With us you can fly in the:

  • P-51D Mustang
  • Spitfire LF Mk. IX
  • UH-1H Huey helicopter
  • Aviat Pitts Special S2b
  • Extra 330LX

Custom flights

It could just be that you have another idea or wish in the field of flying … fill in it. Would you like to try a special (emergency) situation, VFR navigation, an unavailable aircraft, or a type that will soon be fleeting? For example, prior to a long trip, where a plane is rented on location, you can first take a good look at the local conditions and landscape. Or spin training, continued stalling exercises, short field landings. And, the recurring question whether it is really not possible to return to the field after an engine failure after the start … try first in VR is our urgent advice …

So feel free to ask! The sky is no longer the limit, thanks to VR simulation!


And of course it is just FUN to be able to ‘play’ in a safe and responsible way! Feel free to come and try it with us! How about trying to land your Robin DR40 on an aircraft carrier? With VR that is really something different, suddenly the deck is very small and your speed is very high …. Have you ever flown through the streets of San Francisco? With an F18 through the Swiss Alps? Landed on Texel with the JSF F35?

With the VR speed and depth experience … you experience it!

Try it out (offer)

As an introduction we offer a trial lesson for the all-in price of € 55.00. The trial lesson lasts 1.5 hours. Each VR simulation exercise is introduced with a short briefing. The pure flight time is approximately one hour.

A follow-up lesson of 1 hour in the cockpit is € 75,00. A special offer will be possible when you want a package of at least 5 lessons. Ask for the possibilities.

3 virtual reality flights will be done:

  • getting acquainted with VR: we start doing some take-offs and landings with the Robin DR40 at Rotterdam; if you wish, a nice increasing crosswind will be able to blow
  • optionally an aerobatics flight in the Robin R2160 PH-SVN or the Cap10b or tailwheel flying in the Piper Cub J3
  • to conclude a special flight in a Mustang P51D or a helicopter flight in the Huey UH-1H
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