Why choose ProSim4u-flightsimulations


We specialize in flightsimulation

  • Control loading (Boeing 737) on rudder and elevator
    gives a very realistic feel especially during n-1 training
  • ProSim-AR system software
    is being used in certiefied simulators around the world
  •  Visual system
    3 projectors displaying a 220 degrees field of vision
  • Continious developement and enhancement of our simulators
    perfecting the service since 2006 with feedback from our customers
  • Stress free environment
    we do not schedule back-to-back sessions
    every client can enjoy the flexibility of extending the session when required.
  • Modern and well equipped briefing room
    free WIFI, Smart board, printer, video/audio recording
  • Experienced simulator operator available for affordable prices
    expertise is guaranteed
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