actionSummer closure 2024

The summer closure of ProSsim4u flight simulations this year (2024) is from July 14 to August 11, 2024. We are closed during this period. Only in very urgent circumstances for professional pilots we sometimes can facilitate a training session. However, this is only possible on request and can only take place if there is a SIM-operator is available. Please contact us by mail ( to submit a request.

actionAOPA publication on Flight Training

If you want more information on “How to become a (profesional)pilot yourself. Go and read this AOPA publication: aopa_ft_202304

action Give your friend a gift card

This is a special gift for the holiday season: A complete and realistic cockpit of a Boeing 737-800 is ready for take off but the captain is missing. Who is going to step in? YOU (or your friend) are the captain on this flight (of course you will get ‘some’ assisstance from the co-pilot sitting beside you in the cockpit). You can even bring two passangers with you on this flight in the cockpit, isn’t that good news? It is surely going to be a great adventures for all of us!

Buy a giftcard diamond  (60 minutes ride)


action Flightsimacademy

Our flightsimacademy offers many courses. Expand your skills and knowledge. We have courses at different levels, from beginner until expert and for Boeing as well als General Aviation. You will have to ask about details (since we have not translated all of our courses in English):

Introduction video ProSim4u