NEW: Simulator subscription

Save on trainingcosts and start a monthly subscription

With a simulator subscription trainingcosts are reduced significantly. You can choose a 1 or 2 hours training every month. Look at our offer and compare conditions and prices subscriptions in het top-menu.

COVID-19 measures

Fly safe and secure in accordancde with the RIVM-rules

We have taken measures to ensure a safe and secure flight in our simulators. Between sessions we clean all of the touched controls, knobs and handles with special anti-viral wipes. We keep a distance of 1,5 meters and wear nose/mouth masks when we needed.

Voucher for a introduction to our Boeing 737NG simulator

Book our Boeing 737NG simulator as a gift for a speciale someone. Buy an Introduction flight for a wonderful adventure in the air.


Our flightsimacademy offers many courses. Expand your skills and knowledge. We have courses at different levels, from beginner until expert and for Boeing as well als General Aviation. You will have to ask about details (since we have not translated all of our courses in English):

Introduction video ProSim4u